Powder/ granule filling machine

Powder/ granule filling machine

Powder & granule filler wide range of application and so TRU MARK make augur screw type & weigh based fillers to suit various product. Accuracy is what we commit with best quality at  value for money.

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Powder fillers

TRU MARK powder fillers are used to fill very fine powder in jar, bags  etc. works with time flow or coarse fine weight-based principle, choose from most suitable option in your budget

• semi-automatic powder filling machine

• automatic auger type powder filler


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Granule fillers

TRU MARK granule fillers are used to fill semi-solid product like rice, tea granule, coffee beans, lentils, crystal, dry fruits etc, we have cup-based as well as weight-based fillers available to gives the desired result

• weigh based granule filler

• cup fillers


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