Printing Machine/ Batch coder

Printing Machine/ Batch coder

Date, Mrp , batch no printing is essential for every product and now its easy to do it with TRU MARK range of batch printing coding machines. we have contact coder, online printers, inkjet printer to serve different type of application

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Manual Printing Machine

TRU MARK manual range of contact coding batch printing machine are suitable for few hundred of printing need per day for small business

1. Handy stamp

2. Manual Ribbon Printer


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Semi automatic Printing Machine

TRU MARK semi automatic batch coding machine have variety of application suitable for upto 10000 prints per day production, they are cost effective in terms of per print cost & easy to maintain.

1. Semi automatic Ribbon Printer

2. Table Top Printing machine

3. Pad Printer


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Automatic Printing Machine

TRU MARK auto printing machine are for high demand production needs to print date mrp online or offine with your existing production line

1. hand held Inkjet printer -TM09

2. high resolution thermal inkjet printer - TM01

3. continuous inkjet printer


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