Labeling machine

Gumming or Gluing machines are useful to apply uniform layer of glue to your label and have various application like labeling, sticker making, book binding, poster making. It's a best low cost hand operated alternative to expensive labeling system.

Sticker Labeling machine

TRU MARK manufactures a wide variety of sticker labeling equipment to automatically place and secure most label types onto a wide assortment of container types. self-adhesive sticker labeler are easy to use & most efficient hence popular in cosmetics, FMCG & Pharmaceuticals and other industries.

• Manual Labelling Machine

• Semi-automatic sticker Labelling Machine

• Automatic Sticker Labelling Machine            


Wet glue labelling machine

Tru mark wet glue labelling machines are very popular in pharmaceutical & agro-industry as it used paper label & glue to save on overall labeling cost.            

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