Sealing Machine

Sealing Machine

TRU MARK deals into wide range of sealing machine like foil sealer, vacuum sealer, bag sealer, induction sealing machine, for sealing various kind of seal-able packaging like pouch , bag etc

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Cup Sealing machine

TRU MARK cup sealer machine are in great demand, cup packaging is very commonly used in food industries hence we manufacture different kind of cup filler sealer having low to high speed output.

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Heat foil sealer

Heat foil sealers are still popular for cap less foil sealing application, we make manual to fully auto foil placing & heat sealing machinery.

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Continuous Band Sealer

Bag sealing is most popular packaging application in FMCG sector, need of every small business who can't afford expensive FFS machine.

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Vacuum Sealers

Vacuum sealer is latest technology to vacuum pack and seal bags to preserve food/grocery  items, TRU MARK manufacture many kind of vacuum packaging machinery for different application

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