Tube Filling & Sealing Machine

Tube Filling & Sealing Machine

TRU MARK producing Tube filling sealing machine for plastic, laminated & collapsible aluminium tube, our range includes machine from manual operation to fully auto high speed operation for output up to 120 tubes per minute

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Manual /semi auto tube filler sealer

TRU MARK 's wide range of tube filler & sealer for plastic & aluminum tubes are in high demand in cosmetic & pharmaceutical industries as we have machines for every budget & speed

• manual crimping machine

• Foot Operated Tube sealing Machine

• Semi-automatic Tube sealer - Lami/plastic tube

• Semi-automatic Tube sealer/crimper - Alu. tube

• Semi-auto tube filler & sealer- combo model            


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Automatic tube filler sealer

The automatic tube filler and sealer is suitable for filling all kinds of semi-viscous and viscous products into plastic tubes. It can be used for pharmaceuticals, food products, cosmetics, and chemicals. Some of the products filled with this tube filler are ointments, lotions, grease, adhesives, cheese spreads, and peanut butter

• Automatic Tube filling Machine - 8stn

• Automatic Tube filling Machine - 12stn

• Automatic linear tube filler 

• Automatic tube sealer combo model

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